The Florida Center for Healthy Sexuality approaches each client as a unique, whole human being with individual needs, wants and desires. Within a comfortable, safe, and trusting environment the goal is to assist you, as an individual or as a part of a couple, in exploring your experiences and understanding your life story. For only then can you review and find awareness rather you are seeking change or greater self-knowledge.
The Florida Center for Healthy Sexuality has extensive experience working with the full spectrum of sexuality, from sexual addition to sex therapy, as well as problems of sexual desire and sexual dysfunction for individuals and couples.

The Florida Center for Healthy Sexuality values our Client’s sense of safety and make it a priority to be inclusive, including the full span of human sexuality. Our hope is that the days of sex being a taboo subject are coming to an end and the people who seek help are met with an open, non-judgmental, trained professional in a safe and caring environment.

Telling the story

“I never thought that I would have my life turned upside down by my porn addiction, but it did. What began as something fun to watch and do, turned into a monster that took over my life and led to failures on the job, as all I did was watch porn instead of carrying out the tasks that my employer gave me to do. I was eventually fired from the job, but not before they realized that I was using my company phone to access pornography websites. After this, I went on a 3-week non-stop porn binge, doing little except for watching pornography on my phone and computer. I barely did anything else. I realized I needed help, but I was not sure where to turn with my secrets. Peggy has been my safe place, and I feel that I can be honest with her after realizing that she has no judgment or preconceived notions. She’s heard it all. I’m now working through my problems with pornography and I feel as if I have more control now than ever over my life.”

Peggy Albano, Psychotherapist and Founder of The Florida Center for Healthy Sexuality is a specially trained and Board Certified, AASECT Sex Therapist.

Peggy offers a unique, therapeutic experience rich with compassion, warmth, and flexibility. Peggy’s commitment to ongoing research guarantees access to a full spectrum of goal-driven, task-oriented solutions designed to advance sexuality skills and expose uncharted paths of intimacy, pleasure, and joy.

Peggy’s promise —“To sit with you through your most difficult seasons of addiction, grief and trauma until you emerge triumphant, bold, and undefeated in your recovery.”