We utilize differentiated therapy and treatment options for:

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Sex/Porn/Love Addiction

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Problematic Sexual Behavior

Infidelity and Betrayal Trauma

LGBTQIA2+ Affirmative Therapy

Alternate Lifestyles

Ethical Non Monogamy

Sexual Trauma/Abuse

Sexual Dysfunction

Healthy Intimacy/Sexuality

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that addresses sexual behaviors, thoughts, impulses and feelings in the therapy session. A trained mental health professional with specialized training and experience in sex therapy is equipped to provide sex therapy to individuals and couples. In sex therapy, clients address their concerns with sexual function, feelings, intimacy, and sometimes grief and trauma.

Sex/Porn/Love Addiction

It is extremely important to distinguish sexual behavior without labeling it pathological or deviant, especially at first glance.  Just because someone has entered into an emotional or physical affair, has fetish related behaviors, engages in BDSM activities is LGBTQ+, or enjoys cross-dressing, does NOT mean they engage in addictive or problematic sexual behaviors.

The Florida Center for Healthy Sexuality is Sex Positive and therefore we do NOT blindly label or diagnosis individuals as deviant or problematic or addicted simply because they engage in various behaviors.  We commit to a thorough Clinical Assessment process.  This process involves a detailed Clinical Interview, a full sexual history and the use of formal validated assessment measures.  Additionally, as trained and licensed therapists we are aware that some individuals may have mental disorders and/or health-related issues that may cause symptomology that appears as sexual compulsivity, problematic sexual behaviors or addiction.  We strive to accurately diagnose and treat accordingly.

Pornography addiction is not a specific diagnosis however it involves an uncontrollable compulsion to view porn which results in problematic scenarios in their life and impacts their functioning in some way.

Partner Trauma

Sex therapy can address trauma and grief that individuals bring to their relationship. Betrayal, and violations of trust are worked out in the therapy sessions with clients.

Our clients often have partners that experience a great deal of emotions related to their relationship with a person that is experiencing an addiction to pornography or sex, or that are experiencing sexual dysfunction.


A facilitated, carefully planned, prepared and supported process where the sexually addicted/compulsive individual provides his or her partner with a fully honest account of his or her history of acting out behaviors.  The structured process is designed to help the Couple re-establish a foundation of honesty and safety in their relationship, and to repair and heal attachment injuries created by betrayal.

Sexual Dysfunction

Many sexual dysfunction issues do not involve a biological origin. These problems can occur during any phase of the sexual response cycle and impact individuals and couples that deal with them. Within therapy, we address these problems.