Five Common Sex Myths

Five common sex myths

1. “You’re born with a high or low sex drive.”

Sex drive can fluctuate throughout a person’s life due to various factors such as hormones, stress, and relationship dynamics.

2. “Sex should always be spontaneous and effortless.”

Responsive desire is far more common than the spontaneous, need-it-now lust Hollywood is obsessed with. It’s perfectly normal to plan and prioritize intimacy. Scheduling quality time with your partner can help build anticipation and set the mood.

3. “Sex diminishes with age.”

Your sexual wellness doesn’t come with an expiration date. While our bodies change over time, your intimate health can (and should) be a priority throughout your life as it’s deeply connected to your physical and emotional well-being.

4. “Only penetrative sex counts as ‘real’ sex.”

There are many ways to be intimate through touch that produce a number of sexual health benefits. Penetration is not the end-all be-all.

5. “If you’re not having multiple orgasms, something is wrong.”

An orgasm is fantastic, but goal-oriented thinking can get in the way of a good experience. The act of sex is healthy with or without the big O.

We’re here to remind you that your sexual health is important…